Gramophone Magazine editor’s choice, July 2015: “Singing with style, grace and fiery temperament, Karg brings each of these distraught heroines excitingly, individually alive, while the superb players of Arcangelo – not least the dulcet clarinets – are true dramatic partners rather than mere accompanists.”; read the review

“Karg’s soprano has a metallic gleam that cuts through the buoyant ensemble playing of Arcangelo, who, directed by Jonathan Cohen, are responsive to all the scenery-chewing moodswings” The Guardian, read the review

“…sensational Ensemble Arcangelo” Hamburger Abendblatt, read the review

“Orchestra and soloist find an ideal balance of lightness on one hand and drama on the other. The recording is therefore always exciting and varied.” NDR Radio, read the review

“Arcangelo favours a homogeneous,  “classical” rounded sound” Bayerischer Rundfunk, read the review


Conductor: Jonathan Cohen

Soprano: Christiane Karg

Pianoforte soloist: Malcolm Martineau

Violin soloist: Alina Pogostkina