Bach: Alto Cantatas Vol.1

Arcangelo & Iestyn Davies (Counter-Tenor)

Ich habe genug is a timeless, transcendental masterpiece: a profound expression of Christian faith at the very end of life. It demands artistry of a special order, and Iestyn Davies now joins the likes of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Lorraine Hunt Lieberson in the work’s distinguished discography. The couplings are equally ravishing performances of two other great solo cantatas, while the two orchestral sinfonias which complete the album will prove refreshingly familiar.

Featured works

  • Bach: Cantata BWV170 ‘Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust’
  • Bach: Cantata BWV52 ‘Falsche Welt, dir trau ich nicht!’ (I. Sinfonia)
  • Bach: Cantata BWV54 ‘Widerstehe doch der Sünde’
  • Bach: Cantata BWV174 ‘Ich liebe den Höchsten von ganzem Gemüte’ (I. Sinfonia)
  • Bach: Cantata BWV82 ‘Ich habe genug’

Press & Praise


“The dominant virtue in this fine collaboration between the outstanding Davies and Arcangelo lies in an unsentimental perspicacity, reassuring in its intelligence and deep sensitivity.”


Davies’s singular gifts of open-hearted expression, reined in to perfection and with no excess or indulgence, are expertly balanced by Arcangelo’s prominent solo musicians. Early in the year, a favourite disc already.


“Beautifully sung throughout, here is an utterly moving union of sentiment and music that will have you listening repeatedly. Definitely music to die for.”

Album Details

  • Released December 2016
  • Hyperion Records | CDA68111
  • Recorded May 2015


  • Iestyn Davies (Counter-Tenor)
  • Arcangelo
  • Jonathan Cohen (Direction)


Gramophone Awards

Winner 2017

The Times

Records of the year 2017

Gramophone Magazine

Editor’s choice Jan 2017

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