Arcangelo Gifts policy

Arcangelo Gifts Policy

Last revised February 2023


Arcangelo is authorised to receive gifts as a registered charity in England & Wales No. 1139783.

Arcangelo is authorised to claim UK Gift Aid on eligible gifts under HMRC Charities Reference No. XT30297

In order to fulfil and develop its charitable aims and purposes, Arcangelo appeals for gifts to support:

  • a) Ongoing core costs
  • b) Projects including but not limited to recordings, and the Arcangelo New Ensemblists programme.

Core cost fundraising targets are set annually by Arcangelo’s board of trustees. Project-based targets are established at the initial planning stages for the respective project and approved by the board on a rolling basis.

Acceptance and terms of gifts

Arcangelo accepts direct gifts in the form of cheque and online transfer via BACS or PayPal., as well as donations in the form of cash not in excess of £250. We also accept gifts made via Enthuse, our third-party donations and appeals solution provider for registered charities, and other third-party services for registered charities including Benevity, Charities Aid Foundation, Virgin Money Giving, and via the King Baudouin Foundation US ‘Network for Good’ (KBFUS) for US taxpayers. Gifts in kind rather than in cash (e.g. in the form of securities) will be accepted only if made through pre-vetted counterparties such as KBFUS. Receipt and acceptance of larger gifts (defined as those exceeding a level determined by the trustees of Arcangelo from time to time) may be made only upon satisfactory completion of customary due diligence checks.

All gifts made to Arcangelo are restricted or unrestricted as per UK charity law. Unrestricted gifts will be allocated by Arcangelo in best favour of its charitable aims and purposes and with the oversight of the board of trustees. The terms of restricted gifts are defined either by the donor or by the terms of an Arcangelo appeal, and restricted gifts are allocated as per these terms. In the event that restricted gift income exceeds the costs of the project, Arcangelo will discuss with the donor as to how such excess may be reallocated to e.g. applicable project overheads.

Reporting of gifts

Arcangelo declares all restricted and unrestricted income received year-on-year in its Annual Accounts, filed with Companies House and with the Charities Commission.

Use of data

Arcangelo stores and handles all personal donor data submitted with donations directly to Arcangelo in line with its Privacy Policy. We do not disclose any donor data or activity without specific affirmative consent. Data submitted with donations to Arcangelo via third-party platforms are stored and handled in line with the Privacy Policies of those organisations:

Where donors provide specific affirmative consent, Arcangelo will always ensure every opportunity within its control for the proper crediting and acknowledgment of gifts and support including but not limited to its website, social media, and printed assets and materials including CD booklets.