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In July and August, Arcangelo will tour with soprano Anna Prohaska and perform a programme of rare 17th century baroque music by composers such as Dowland, Cavalli, Strozzi, Ferrari, Purcell, and Scarlatti, entitled “Lachrimae”. We are very much looking forward to performing with the wonderfully talented Anna Prohaska again after our acclaimed Enchanted Forest recording and tour together in 2013. (photo credit Patrick Walter / DG)


JOHN DOWLAND (1563 – 1626) “Lachrimae Pavane”, P.15, für Laute und Harfe
TARQUINIO MERULA (1594 / 1595 – 1665) “Hor che tempo di dormire”, canzonetta spirituale sopra alla nanna, aus op. 13 Curtio precipitato et altri capricii, Libro secondo, für Sopran und basso continuo
HENRY PURCELL (1659 (?) – 1695) “Tell me, some pitying angel”, The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation, für Sopran und basso continuo
FRANCESCO CAVALLI (1602 – 1676) “O più d’ogni ricchezza”, Szene der Dafne aus Gli amori d’Apollo e di Dafne, für Sopran, basso continuo und zwei Violinen 10’
HENRY PURCELL “Sonata VI in g-minor” Z. 807 from Ten Sonatas in Four Parts, für zwei Violinen, Cello und basso continuo – Chaconna: Adagio
BARBARA STROZZI (1619 – 1677) “Lagrime mie” aus Diporti di Euterpe op. 7, für Sopran und basso continuo 9’
GIOVANNI FELICE SANCES (c.1600-1679) “Usurpator Tiranno” aus den Cantade a voce sola Libro Secondo für Sopran und basso continuo
JOHN DOWLAND “Flow my tears”, F II/6 für Sopran und basso continuo
BARBARA STROZZI “Che si può fare” aus Arie a voce sola, op. 8 für Sopran, zwei Violinen und basso continuo
SALAMONE ROSSI (um 1570 – 1630) “Sonata terza sopra l’aria romanesca” op. 12, Terzo Libro, für zwei Violinen und basso continuo
HENRY PURCELL “The Plaint: O let me weep” aus The Fairy Queen, Z.629 für Sopran, Solo-Violine und basso continuo
DOMENICO SCARLATTI (1685 – 1757) “Sonate für Cembalo in d-Moll” K.90 (bearb. für Violine und basso continuo)I. Grave II. Allegro III. senza indicazione di tempo…Tarantella IV. Allegro
FRANCESCO CAVALLI “Restino imbalsamate” Arie der Calisto aus La Calisto für Sopran, zwei Violinen und basso continuo
HENRY PURCELL “Now that the sun hath veiled his light”, An Evening Hymn , Z.193 für Sopran und basso continuo



Anna Prohaska


Simon Jones (not in Berlin)

Pablo Hernan Benedi (not in Berlin)


Nicholas Milne


Thomas Dunford


Angelique Mauillon (until 7 August) (not in Berlin)

Frances Kelly (8 – 10 August)


Jonathan Cohen

Tour dates:
28th July 2015
Venue: Innsbruck Early Music Festival, Spanischer Saal, Schloß Ambras, Schloßstraße 20, 6020, Innsbruck, Austria
Time: 8pm (SOLD OUT)
29th July 2015
Venue: Salzburg Festival, Kollegienkirche, Wiener-Philharmonikergasse 2, 5020, Salzburg, Austria
Time: 8:30pm (SOLD OUT)
31st July 2015
Venue: Berlin RBB kulturradio, Watergate Club, Falckensteinstr. 49, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
Time: 7:30pm
2nd August 2015
Venue: Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, The Globe Theatre, New Globe Walk, SE1 9DT, London, UK
Time: 7pm
4th August 2015
Venue: Rheingau Festival, St Peter & Paul, Pfarrgasse 4, 65719, Hofheim, Germany
Time: 8pm (SOLD OUT)
6th August 2015
Venue: Torroella Festival, Auditori Espai Ter, Carrer Riu Ter, 29, 17257, Torroella de Montgrí, Spain
Time: 10pm
9th August 2015
Venue: Thun Bachwochen, Stadtkirche, Schlossberg 12, 3600, Thun, Switzerland
Time: 5pm

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