Arcangelo Summer Tour 2025: Handel Duets

For our summer festival programme, a musical love story - "written by Handel."


  • Handel – Arias and duets from:
    • ‘Theodora’ HWV68
    • ‘Alexander’s Feast’ HWV75
    • ‘Belshazzar’ HWV61
    • ‘Alexander Balus’ HWV65
    • ‘Saul’ HWV53
    • ‘Serse’ HWV40
    • ‘Rinaldo’ HWV7b
    • ‘Agrippina’ HWV6
    • ‘Radamisto’ HWV12a
    • ‘Rodelinda’ HWV19
    • ‘Orlando’ HWV31
    • ‘Esther’ HWV50b
    • ‘Jephtha’ HWV70
  • Handel – Concerto Grosso in A minor Op.6/4 HWV322
  • Handel – Concerto Grosso in B-flat major Op.3/2 HWV313
  • Handel – Overtures from:
    • ‘Theodora’ HWV68
    • ‘Rinaldo’ HWV7b

About this programme

For its 2025 Summer Festivals programme, Arcangelo is joined by established collaborator Iestyn Davies and debut artist Soraya Mafi for a musical love story “written by Handel”. The programme revels in Handel’s career-long exploration of the human condition and human passions, creating an imaginary romantic encounter across duets and arias drawn from the composer’s first Italian opera for London to his final English oratorios.


Various venues, to be announced.

Event information:

  • Various venues, to be announced.

Event Artists

Iestyn Davies, Jonathan Cohen, Soraya Mafi