Arcangelo in Madrid: The Art of Improvisation

An all-new chamber programme exploring one of Baroque music’s greatest enigmas.


  • Corelli – Sonata Op.5/1 in D major
  • Telemann – “Methodical” Sonata No.2 in A major
  • Barsanti – Four Scottish Folk Tunes
  • Bertali – Ciaccona in C major
  • Corelli – Sonata Op.5/10 in G major
  • Erlebach – Trio Sonata No.3 in A major 
  • Mealli – Sonata Op.3/2 “La Cesta”
  • Schenck/completed Baù – Adagio assai and aria presto from Sonata No.5
  • Biber – Passacaglia
  • Corelli – Sonata Op.5/12 in D minor “La Folia”

About this programme

Our all-new chamber programme explores one of Baroque music’s greatest enigmas: to what extent does the received score convey all of the composer’s intentions and ideas for performance? “The Art of Improvisation” playfully refrains from direct answers whilst offering a thrilling European tour of Baroque music in which free creativity is alternately released and captured: folk transcriptions, themes and variations, ornamentation, full improvisation – and contemporary completion.


Available from Auditorio Nacional de Musica

Event information:

  • Wednesday 22 May
  • Auditorio Nacional de Música (Sala de Cámara), C. del Príncipe de Vergara, 146, 28002 Madrid, Spain

Event Artists

Colin Scobie, Jonathan Cohen, Sergio Bucheli, Teodoro Baù